Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I honetly felt to just leave this post blank with just the photo and no words. This is my mac and cheese (with a bit of tuna hiding in there somewhere)....

You know those foods you can think about and the thought is enough to make you feel comforted? Mac and cheese is on the top of that list. The ultimate comfort food. This is before it reached my plate...Once its on my plate it is smothered with black pepper and ketchup. A lot of people say that is absolutely disgusting..But how? Cheese and tomato is REAL LOVE.

The only rules I have when making a GOOD mac and cheese is...
1)Cheese. It is called mac and cheese for a reason..THE CHEESIER THE BETTER. Add 10 different cheeses for all I care, I want it oozing and creamy and dripping and wow.
2) The top must have that crunch that sexy crunch that sheilds the soft interior

Do not insult me with a dry mac and cheese.

The amount of times I have said cheese. Cheese. Cheese. I am cheese. My legs are so covered in cellulite because of you, but I'm okay with that because I look like those cheeses you get with the holes in them. 

Some final added cheesiness for cheese: I love you