Thursday, 5 March 2015

An Ode To Kim Kardashian

 I realise the following is not in any shape or form an ode. However, as i type these words I feel like a poet in the night...Whenever I speak of this woman, my words feel like they are song.

Someone please explain the hate towards this woman?

No actually don't, ME NAH CARE.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, just like that delectable body of hers...


I don't care if she is plastic, she is a wonderful work of art and I applaud that who has created such a beauty. In fact I will find them and kiss them and cry and beg them to make me look like her :'(

'But she posed nekkid and has a bebeh. What kinda mother does that?' THE SEXY KIND. God if I could have a baby, still look sexy, I would do the same thing and more. I would force the entire world to stare at me and cry. People need to accept it is her body, stop crying, start salivating. And for those who are gonna start the whole 'but she got rich of a sex tape'.. please..this tweet..this tweet...

I don't need to say much. Just be reminded, innit.

Oh and let me just add this into the mix

Yeah, you're welcome.

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