Tuesday, 20 May 2014


So Eminem tickets went on sale on May 9th... and yes that was a whle ago, but the excitement still hasn't sunk in. So with this blog post, I'm hoping it does.

DO YA'LL WANNA HEAR HOW IT ALL HAPPENED? (Don't know why I'm asking, because I'm clearly not giving you a choice in the matter)

On Tuesday 6th May (Yes I remember the dates, because it was a painful and yet wonderful experience) I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, throwing a few insults here and there at stupid statuses....That was when I saw it.... Eminem is coming to London...Eminem is coming to Wembley.


At that moment, I naturally didn't know what to do, but to alert Zara, as our love for Eminem is probably the biggest thing we have in common (besides being just pretty darn cool). She was as speechless as me..The weird thing is, no one could understand why we were so sad. Let me explain it to you simply. Imagine wanting something your entire life, dreaming of the day it happens practically every day...Speaking about the prospect hypothetically because of how unlikely you think it is. And then suddenly without any warning it happens, and you have not prepared. Imagine realising that there is a possibility that you WON'T get tickets and the one thing you have dreamed of all your life was so close to coming true, and then it got taken away. I felt happiness but it was a kind of happiness that was combined with fear and anger and disgust. Its the emotion that Eminem depicts in the majority of his music :'(.

Needless to say, we both had sleepless nights and troubled dreams for the following days. OF course we devised a game plan on how to get these tickets. This is a game plan I shall not share with anyone, because if there is one thing I learnt from trying to get Beyonce tickets is that people are selfish and people will not help you or explain to you how theyyy have acquired so many tickets and you are not even getting through to the websites.

So May 9th dawned closer and I was both terrified and excited. I made sure to take the morning off work just so I could be there to buy these tickets (THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER). The day before it happened, people who are usually rude to me were actually saying they hope I got these tickets because they can tell how much I want it. I was both grateful and worried that they were secretly cursing me :'). But seriously, I think everyone could tell that if EVERYONE I HATE and people who barely love him managed to get tickets and I was left with nothing, that might as well be the end of everything for me. AGAIN, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING AND YOU CAN CALL ME A FAN GIRL BUT IT IS EMINEM. EMINEM. ARE YOU CAPABLE OF COMPREHENDING THAT BECAUSE I STILL CAN'T.

So the sleep I had before he morning of the 9th was possibly the worst sleep of my life. I woke up, tired stay calm, spoke on the phone to Zara as it all happened. 9am came and we began the quest. And somehow, at 9.01, I got tickets.

I got tickets.

Even when I write the words it still doesn't sink in. Zara and I both didn't know how to act. We still don't know how to act. We kept reminding each other and it still didn't sink in. So on my journey to work I thought I would listen to Eminem to get in the spirit of everything....Listeing to Eminem had always given me immense satisfaction, but on this day, listening to Eminem had a whole new level of amazingness. My ears felt blessed, as though baby angels were blowing me kisses and I didn't care that baby angles kissing me is creepy because it still somehow felt good. I was smiling at people. ME. And then I WAS HAPPY.  I said HEYYYYY to people I do not particually like, I probably gave people forgiveness they did not deserve, I hugged people I would not touch on a regular day, all because it was EMINEM DAY. Anyone who encountered me on that day was a lucky basatard because I promise you anything I did on that day was just because it was that day. Otherwise, life would be very different.

This is probably the most obsessive I will ever be about a person, and that is ok, because whoever receives my obsession is lucky.

Until July 11th however, I am still in a state of disbelief....

I am going to see Eminem... 6 words I never thought I would say. I HOPE NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF THE DAY AND I CAN FINALLY SAY THAT I SAW HIM <3

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