Monday, 5 May 2014

Do-Nut Get in The Way of My Doughnut

I like food, I like lots of food. Food is great. Sweet or savoury tooth? I am both. After a meal however, I often find myself fantasising about something sweet. It seems I cannot eat something savoury if it is not followed by something sweet. For example, if for breakfast I am having toast, I must have two toasts, one with a savoury option and one with a sweet. This goes into an endless cycle of the need to balance out something savoury with something sweet then something sweet with something savoury. 

The other day, I needed my something sweet.

My Gregg's Iced Ring Doughnut.

To the average onlooker, it's just any old doughnut with a bit of icing. Some may say its too sickly sweet, some may say the pastry itself isn't overwhelming. To these some, I say...

Nothing. I let them believe what they want because MAYBE then it will prevent this doughnut from ALWAYS BEING SOLD OUT :'(. I travelled out of my way to get this doughnut, and on try THREE it was still sold out. I cannot explain to you the pain I endured. I purposely walked home in the rain because I didn't want anyone to see my tears...

That was until, one day, when I desperately wanted to fulfil my sweet craving with the iced goodness, I decided to give it one last go. I walked into Greggs...and there they were in all their whitey brown glory. I asked the man who served me for 2 (one being 55p) and whilst I asked him I gave him an entire story about how this Greggs is now my favourite Greggs and he may not realise it but I am now at this precise moment the happiest and most excited girl he will ever encounter.... I myself was shocked in how nice I was being, and I think he was too, because then he offered me a special discounted price of 4 for £1. Yes, you read that right. 

If there is anything I have learnt from this, it is to never give up. There may be one place not giving you what you want, but try another. TRY ANOTHER AND YOU WILL GET YOUR DOUGHNUT.

To me, they are great because the icing is sweet yet not too sweet, and is not hard like that annoying birthday cake icing..its smooth...Like a criminal that stole my heart :'(... The doughnut itself isn't dry, but it isn't overly moist that the overall experience is too soft. It has some bite to it. AND ME LIKE TO BITE. And the best part is when you think it is all over, you have icing left on the inside of the paper bag. And you can lick it and people will judge you but you will not care because in that moment people are all shit (like every other moment, but tremendously so in this moment).

I have loved this doughnut since I was 8 years old...Possibly the longest I have ever loved something. So if that doesn't prove how great my love for this is...I don't care because I don't need to prove a thing to anyone,  ok ? :'(!!!

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