Friday, 30 August 2013

The Difference Between 'Quiet' And 'Shy'

This is an issue which isn't really an issue but I am going to make it in to an issue because I like discussing issues....

The difference between being quiet and being shy.

I am not a shy girl whatsoever. I love to have a good conversation and am pretty much able to do so with anyone. You can be as bland as sand (my own phrase..great I know) and I will still try get some sort of sentence out of you if you seem to spark my interest somehow.... However, if I realise you are boring, or just a PRICK, I will decide to do the English language and my life a favour and kindly fuck off out of your dull presence.

The issues of Small Talk

If there is one thing I hate in the world (there isn't one thing, there's PLENTY I hate), it is small talk. Small teeny useless friggin' lies of a talk. I hate it. Many a time I have stood around like a third wheel, or an angry onlooker because I cannot bring myself to socialise falsely with someone because putting it frankly and honestly: SOMETHING ABOUT YOU AND THIS SITUATION PISSES ME OFF. I can on and give many an example, I'm sure you have all been put into a situation like this...where someone has come and crashed a one to one conversation you are having...and many other annoying examples I could go into but it will result in too much anger (and possibly painful memories). I'll be honest here, 9/10 times I will try to at least have a bit of small talk...and then reality hits me- NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!!!!

I don't care if it sounds shallow, and that having  to speak to people you don't particularly care for is something you have to do in life and will often have to do in many situations...well no. NO I SAY! I REFUSE. I refuse to participate in it, and when I try to, I come across as rude, disinterested...or shy. Shy because I refuse to partake in a conversation about what you've been doing with your life, and how great you are, and who you're seeing now, and what the weather is like outside as if I don't have the UGLEH foot tan on my foot to let me know. So if I don't really participate in an extremely DEAD conversation, or I'm not constantly putting my hand up in class, or I won't participate in your stupid debate which has no substance, and is merely based on you using big words to make yourself sound like you have an argument.... it doesn't mean I'm shy...guess means I just like being quiet sometimes...MOSTLY BECAUSE I AM HOLDING MYSELF FROM SAYING SOMETHING SO VERY OFFENSIVE TO YOU. 

So when you want to label me as 'shy'- let me add there is nothing wrong with being shy, I am just trying to explain that someone who doesn't speak a lot and often is not necessarily shy... just remember, I am not shy, and you should definitely feel sad that I haven't chosen to have a fantastic conversation with you, which I am extremely capable of. Who is at fault here? You. You made me stay quiet because you are shit.

That is all.