Tuesday, 23 July 2013

I Graduated!

So this time last week, I did something I thought would never happen... I finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English! Ok lots of people graduate and I don't even know what the hell I wanna do now, but for me getting to this stage was a mahoooosive deal. Partly because I spent the majority of my final year of university in and out of hospital, and thinking I wasn't gonna make it....so although I didn't really enjoy university, having that hat on my head and walking across that stage really did give surface to plenty of my hidden emotions. I'M NOT AN EMOTIONAL PERSON, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO ME THESE DAYS? Ever since i've hit 21 I have been all over the place. Now all I wanna do is have a break for a while and just relax because I sure as hell put myself through too much stress. Hopefully during this time I will figure out some sorta plan...I'm not counting on it though....
Despite the annoying robe which I had to find safety pins to secure, and the fact that my dress wasn't even on show anymore because of how I secured it...and the fact that it was so blooming hot I was practically melting...it was a good day. It wasn't AMAZING and something mind blowing, but I wasn't really expecting it to be. For me, it was just the realisation that depiste all the shit that has gone down this year, I still made it...and for the extra amount of cheesiness in this post, I think I deserve lots of cheese because cheese is good and I like cheese and I am hungry.

Cliche alert: Don't ever let the shit that is out of your hands knock you back

Forever a midget

Where's Wally?

 Now what the hell next?!?!?!

Monday, 8 July 2013


So on the 4th of July, I officially turned 21. EEK. Time flies so fast...I remember blogging about my 20th birthday like it was yesterday :O
Like I've said before, I'm not the biggest birthday fan, and I never make my own plans. However the people I love are kind ass mofos and always end up forcing it on me (even though I would much rather spend the day in, crying with cake)... This year I had more of a birthday week filled with food food and more food...just how me likes it.....Every birthday seems to be a day I learn or reflect but this year what I learned the most is to not use the word 'friend' loosely....That's another deep story for another time so here are a heck load of pics from my birthday week...which unfortunately are SHITTY quality because they're taken on me phone..but it's more about the memories than the quality...right? (New quote I just invented...getting more creative with age me thinks!) They're all in a random order...tryna mix it up fo' ya'll!!!

Tea at BB Bakery

'cause I'm a posh girl with hoops

Slumber partaaaay

Emotions getting the best of me (SCREW YOU PEOPLE, I'M NOT USUALLY LIKE THIS)

'These are not real'... damn :(


Tea and cake for breakfast FOR THE WHOLE WEEK BAYBEH



Leftovers are always sexy

:'( emotions


Imitating someone (oooo we bitches)