Friday, 26 October 2012

T-Mobile, Kindly Go Away

I have moaned about T-Mobile once before, and I will do it again.

After having to save their number as 'Do not answer', I have been pushed to the edge with their constant phone calls. I do not like convos with strangers on the phone, THAT'S JUST ME. Having my own phone network constantly call me just to ask me if I want a new sim or new phone or blah blah blah SHUT THE EFF UP, has caused me to go slightly crazy(er). What if I am going through a terrible life crises, do you realllly think I need your constant phone calls? Do you think me having to PAY for what you claim is a freebie is going to make me feel better? I feel like I am running away from a besotted ex who wants to charm me with presents, yet there is always a catch. I even considered getting their number blocked but how do you go about having that awkward conversation with your own phone network to let them know you want to block them? It's like A FRIGGIN BREAK UP. I DO NOT NEED TO DEAL WITH THIS.



Is it seriously okay to hassle your customers? I mean, if I blanked one phonecall, they wouldn't hesitate to phone me again an hour later. 

And now they've gone and done what anyyyyy crazy infatuated ex would do, call you from a different number.

So yes, I answered, to a man who sounded drunk, and our conversation was as follows:

Him: Hi is this Zaineb? This is *cant remember his dickheaded name for the life of me* from T-mobile

Me: *SIGHS* No :(

Him: From your family members that live with you, who uses a mobile?

Me: No 

Him: Okay, if they don't use mobiles then I can help YOU out more

Me: No

Him: Okay I'm trying to see how I can help you, I can give you a phone for £10.50 a month we have new Blackberrys and other cool phones

Me a.k.a 'the best': No

Him: Do you like Ipads?

Me: No

Him: Okay thanks bye!!!



Please do not tell me they are just trying to be nice. There is niceness and then there is needing to shut the frig up-ness. I am very sure it is not my welfare and happiness they are concerned for, IT IS THEIR OWN.

So I conclude, extremely strongly,

GO AWAY T-MOBILE. GO THE HELL AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I stole this pic.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

10 Day Challenge: Final 5 Days

So here's the remainder of the 10 day challenge, because I am a fail.

Five Foods

Firstly, how I'm only meant to pick 5 foods is beyond me..but here goes

1) Cheese. I love all things cheese, and am constantly adding cheese to everyyyythang. If someone tells me they don't like cheese, I am instantly offended. I refuse to comprehend such a thing

2) Pasta. Because there are so many things you can do with it, and it tastes daymnnn good with a heck load of cheese.

3) Rice. I like carbs ok? (Don't accuse me of mega comfort eating). Rice with meat. Eggfried, boiled, on it's own. I can eat rice without stopping. It's a horrific image.

4) CAKE. I JUST LOVE ME SOME CAKE. Cupcakes because they're pretty..Madeira cake, angel cake, carrot cake, date and walnut cake, coffee cake, Victoria sponge cake, lemon cake, chocolate cake, banana cake. Oh my.

5) Sweets. They make me happy because eating them I feel young and naive. Something which I AM, but the sweets emphasise loool. 

Four Books

Yet again, how am I meant to only pick four? I'm an English student! I'm actually struggling to think of only 4 books when I have read sooo many.

1) Wuthering Heights. Words can't explain the immense love I have for this book. If Heathcliff were real, I would force him to engage in some sadomasochistic love story with me, and not Catherine the irritating biatch . Sigh.

2) A Thousand Splendid Suns. I read the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, and thought he could never top that book...but then I read this...and WOW. Every page bought some sort of emotion out of me...which is shocking considering I am an emotionless rock...sometimes

3)The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I don't even need to say anything here.

4) HARRY POTTTAAAAAAA. I'm not even gonna be one of those people who pretend to be against the hype, I'M ALL FOR IT. I remember loving The Prisoner of Azkaban the most. I don't even remember why, but I do remember sleepless nights trying to finish the books. If only I had the dedication for my university reading. P.s. DRACO MALFOY <3

Three Films

 I have no clue what my fave films are, because I love sooo many. So I will Pick 3 types of films..type will see what I mean as I go along

1) CHRISTMAS MOVIES. Because I love that time of year, and it's all about watching movies. CHRISTMAS ISN'T CHRISTMAS WITHOUT WATCHING KEVIN FRAME THOSE BURGLARS IN HOME ALONE. Oh and don't forget Bridget Jones. Lmao I'm such a girl.

2) The ones that come with a bunch of deep ass quotes that you only realise if you're really analysing. Poetic films I guess. Like Closer, American Beauty and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Is the English student in me coming out again?

3) I LOVE THOSE CHEESEY FILMS WITH THE GRANDE PERFORMING FINALE. Like Sister Act 2, Save the Last Dance. You get my point. All the ones we rinsed out as kids. Sigh.

Two Songs

1) THONG SONG- SISQO. Ya'll are probably thinking whatdafuk. But seriously. This song means a lot to Zara and I. You probably still won't get it, but it takes me back to a happy ass day. And come on, the emotion in his voice over thongs, howww can you not love it?

2) Kim- Eminem. I would nevvvver ever ever pick one fave Eminem Song, but seeing as I picked Thong song, a song which reminds me of good times, I thought it were only right to put my ultimate depression song up.

One Picture of Yourself

Aren't I so cool? No but really, why do people take photos like this? Lmao. This is how I feel about many things, especially how long it has taken me to do this challenge. In all seriousness, this is the most recent picture of me. I had a good day that day, happy with my headband purchase. Where I'm from in London, this 'screwface' is the same face as our happy face. Please don't take offense.


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pret's Tuna Cucumber Baguette, MY BABES

I want to enlighten you ALL about my current baguette obsession. Firstly, let me tell give you a bit of background, to allow you to understand how I arrived at this obsession. I have always loved me some fish, all types of fish made in all typed of ways. I particularly LOVE tuna sandwiches, and have done so for as long as I can remember. However, usually, I prefer the homemade kind. I find  the ones I purchase outside just don't have the same good homemade taste to it. D'ya know what I mean? They just taste like they are smothered in bad things and always have the wrong kind of ratios. They either have too much mayonnaise, so it does not even taste like fish anymore, or too little vegetable so you don't get the dimensions you need in a sandwich. I also hate how most tuna and cucumber sandwiches seem to be made so sloppily, and just seems like they have been thrown together with no care because of the lumpy tuna and the cut up teeny tiny bits of cucumber. Why ain't ya generous with yo portions, oh sandwich makers?
HOWEVER, once upon a time, I surprisingly don't remember what time, but there was a time, because this time gave birth to many other times and thus all these times have been the most amazing times..... My point is, there was a time when I ventured into Pret a Manger. I would moan about the price of that place, but it's true when people say you get what you pay for (in this instance anyway). 

Damn right about being 'lovingly handmade'

After eating their Tuna and cucumber baguette, I have never looked at another Tuna and cucumber sandwich the same.

I had to write that on a whole separate line just to emphasise the greatness. I even italicised and put it in bold. ARE YOU GETTING MY POINT, PEOPLE??!?!? For those who are not..I continue...
I know it looks simple, and to most (basic) people itwould probably taste simple too, but to the people that say/think that..YOU are simple (no apologies with this statement). 
I will start with explaining the bread. Oh the bread. That not too crisp and not too soft bread. You know sometimes you get baguettes that are so soft you feel like they're not fresh. Or sometimes you get them and they are sooo hard you feel like you will break your tooth off biting into it, and once you do, you chew off more than you can handle and the entire filling comes flying out with it. Oh no, not with this baguette. It is the kind you want to hold in your hands and rock back and forth lovingly and stroke it like its your baby. And the tuna. Oh the tuna. The ratio of mayo to tuna is PERFECTION. No lumps, no lack of taste. It isn't tuna that is floating in a sea of way too much mayo. It has that nice fishy kick which isn't too 'OH MY GOSH MY BREATH'S GONNA STAAAANK AFTER THIS'. And then there's the cucumbers...OH THE CUCUMBERS... Possibly my favourite part. They aren't chopped up into measly invisible pieces, they are whole round pieces so you feel that CRUNCH then subtle moistness. And they are placed so neatly over the tuna, so you KNOW they are there because they are practically saying 'ELLO MATE' in your face. So add the crisp juicy cucumbers to your expertly proportioned tuna mayo and soft yet crisp baguette and you have PERFECTION.  Perfection which is so perfect that I would love to meet the first person to ever make this baguette, and kiss them...On the lips!!!!

I thought I was imagining the greatness of this baguette, until one day at work I overheard a workmate saying to another workmate 'I want a tuna subway today'. Workmate number two replied 'Pret does better tuna baguettes'. I cried... Of happiness of course. I usually hate when people discover things I love, but I felt so happy to know that someone had experienced the greatness like I had. We then spent about 10 minutes describing the greatness to workmate number one, who is now a full convert to the Pret side.

Look at that cucumber placement. Just look.

Apologies for the bad phone camera...and apologies for not getting better shots, I was kind of lost in the moment and didn't have time. 

Once, I bought myself a packet of crisps for lunch, because I was feeling cheap and dirty. I sat in the park eating it, then spotted a young boy sitting under a tree, eating a Pret Tuna baguette. Witnessing him chew it with such enjoyment (I am aware how wrong this explanation sounds, especially since I am speaking about a young child, but just go with it) was enough to make me leave everything I was doing (nothing) and go purchase one for myself. Some Prets do them in smaller sizes, which I usually opt for. So if you can't stomach such a big one, then you may be able to find them in half the size. But the Pret near my work only does it in the large size. I pretend this upsets me, and that it may be bad for my health, but we all know I JUST DON'T GIVE A DAAAAYM.

Let's see what Pret themelves have to say about this baguette (straight off the website yo)

Freshly Baked Baguette + Pole & Line Caught Skipjack Tuna + Free-Range Mayo + Red Onion + Freshly Sliced Cucumber (I stole this image because it made the ingredients look even nicer with the stars in between)
"This baguette has a great fat ratio. This sounds very technical (and not very appealing) but this just means that the fat in the baguette is ‘good fat’ which has great anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce the risk of heart disease (rather than lots of ‘bad’, saturated fat). It is also high in both iron and zinc (to keep your hard working skin looking bright and healthy). On the downside, you’re missing some of your fruit and veg by having this baguette for lunch so munch on an apple or tuck into a smoothie to tick that box too! 10p from every Tuna Baguette sold goes to support the Pret Foundation Trust."

I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT HAD RED ONION. That definitely what explains its greatness. I love red onion's sweetness.  Oh and it's called the 'Pole & Line Caught Tuna Mayo & Cucumber Baguette'...fancy. Eating this s baguette even 'can even reduce the risk of heart disease'. Come on. Sold.
And lets ignore the fact that having it alone for lunch isn't that great for you, when I clearly just showed you a photo of my lunch which was only the baguette and coke... (I lie, I had a cake after too :( )

If you haven't tried this baguette, DO SO NOW. And you can thank me later, with a baguette.

Oh and I realise I did just write an entire post on one sandwich. I never fail to amaze myself with my beastliness.

Monday, 1 October 2012

10 Day You Challenge: 6 Places

Six Places

1) My bed- I've mentioned why my bed is amazing plenty of times before, but because I love it so, I will mention it again- it's the place I sleep, eat, read, think, cry, chill. ONE LOVE TO MA BED

2) New York. I have never been...well I've never really been anywhere...but one day, I will. I guess I've fallen for the city life they depict in movies and T.V shows. And maybe just MAYBE I want to go shopping with a Starbucks frappe in my hand (I'm in no way a capitalist...ahem) 

3) Bookshops. I honestly lament the days I would spend in bookshops as a kid just reading and readddddding for pleasure. I would have said Libraries, but I don't feel at all comfortable in libraries- that's another story!

4) Airports. It's kinda sad, considering I've been on a plane ONCE in my life, but going to the airport is exciting for me. I really can't even explain what it is. As you can tell, my life lacks excitement lmao

5) Central London. London itself usually pisses me off, but at the end of the day- it's home. I will always secretly love it. But the places I lust over and WISH I could live in are mostly in Central London....(I swear I'm not consumed by Capitalism)

6) The most cliche of them all...HOME. My house. Nothing beats getting home after the worst day ever and knowing you can just be yourself and comfortable in your own space.