Friday, 20 July 2012

When The World Conspires Against You

Ever feel like the world is conspiring against you? Well that feeling pretty much explains my week. (Explains why I haven't been blogging much, sorry!)

To start off with, I decided this week, I shall fix up health-wise.
PRETTY HARD WHEN THE WORLD AROUND YOU SEEMS TO GODDAMN HATE YOU. I thought I'd get back into some sort of gym routine. (When I say 'get back' I lie, 'cause there was no routine to begin with, just random days of the week haha). I silenced my usual excuse of 'it's raining, I don't wanna go out' to prevent me from going to the gym, along with the 1000000 other excuses I make. I was getting into such a good habit of getting my bum up and heading down to do exercise. I suprisingly didn't even give up after the one minute mark of being there, which for me, is a huge achievement. But then what happens? TFL HAPPENED (transport for London, for all you non-Londoners). The trains decided to screw me over on my way back. Every possible train line I can get home was suspended, so I had to get a bus...which decided to terminate half way through the one hour journey. Then every other bus that came was also terminating. Oh, and it was raining. Pathetic fallacy anyone? So once I finally got on a bus that wasn't terminating, and somehow managed to secure the back of the bus all to myself, I sat down and thought 'yuss. I can act cool and just relax now'. NO ZAINEB, THE WORLD SAYS THIS IS NOT ALLOWED. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A GOOD DAY. The world then decided to emphasise this statement by making a wonderful drunk man sit next to me, and talk AT me. Apparently me staring blankly in the opposite direction isn't an incentive to shut the heck up, but instead, proved to him that I am 'hard to get' and 'worth his time', despite the fact that 'we've met on a bus'. He even told me he loved that my nails were all the same length. How very kind and observant of him (!) 

So that was enough to put me off ever making the journey to my gym ever again. Yes I make excuses, but unfortunately in my world laziness and food always somehow win.
I even decided I'd stop eating like a beast, and cut out all the bad stuff. It's not like I don't like healthy food, it's just my ratio of how much I eat it in comparison to shit food is horrendously bad. But somehow, when I decide that I'll do this, it's as if mother dearest somehow senses it, and doesn't want her daughter to starve, so stocks up on all the best snacks in the world (JAMMIE DODGERS I LOVE YOU :'( ). 

Oh and don't think that's the end of it. Guess who decided to say hello today? Good ol' mother nature! In fact she didn't just say hello, she said 'BITCH, I COMMAND YOU TO CRAVE EVERY TYPE OF SHIT FOOD THERE IS'. So of course, me being the obedient young lady that I am (ahem) decided it's only right I give in. I HOPE YOU CAN ALL SYMPATHISE WITH MY SITUATION.

So that's that really. I tried, and the world wasn't having it. What can I do? *shrugs*

All I know, is that right now, I want to somehow get my hands on THIS:

It's a fudge waffle, and the waffle has goddamn chocolate chips in it. I shared this fine piece of beauty with my friend in Chiquitos the other day. Yes I did say 'share', surprisingly I am capable of it when it comes to food. But if I'm honest, every piece I cut was bigger than hers. At first I pretended I was sorry about that, and kept saying 'I'm getting more than you' but then I finally admitted to her, I'm not sorry, and I honestly don't care if I get more than her. IT WAS THAT GOOD. I wanted to cry with every spoonful, knowing the end was near. :( .  Sigh. 

So whenever you are having a bad day, week, month, year, remember, someone out there is usually having a worse time, and that someone is usually me :D 
I'm gonna go pig out now... I think all women are allowed to be beastly for at least this one week of the month (please don't remind me I'm like this all year round)....



  1. That man on the bus sounds like a right creep! I hate people like that x

    1. yep totally! sigh, me too. unfortunately they seem to love speaking to me haha x

  2. I would do an extra hour in the gym for that. It looks beautiful

  3. That waffle looks AMAZING! I could do with that right now :)
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  4. You utter beast. Indulgence is always worth it though - if you won't spoil yourself, who else will do it? :D Bon appetite!

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! that looks so amazing! I am off to attempt waffle making right now!

  6. I totally get what you went through! Nothing goes right some days, but hey, the fudge waffle made up for it, right?
    If it makes you feel better, you don't need the gym, I swear! Your figure is perfect, just do some light workout at-home :D

    I am 20 also and quite skinny (in a good way), but I would kill to gain a few pounds just to look like you :)

    Your photos give me a hell of an appetite, this should help me with my wish ^.^

    1. i envy you 'kill to gain a few pounds' people. thanks for reading!x

  7. Well done you have officially made me laugh out loud in costa, love you Zaineb!

    Love from anonymous ;) xxx