Saturday, 20 June 2015

Breakfast Sammich

So I've said it before, but I'ma say it again...BREAKFAST IS MY FAV MEAL OF THE DAY! Yup, there is no way I can skip breakfast. Although in the morning, I find if I have somewhere to be, its not as easy to go all out with a huge breakfast... Instead, I want quick, easy, and an encounter I won't regret the next day. I introduce to you, my Halloumi cheese and Hummus sandwich. Why a sandwich for breakfast? Well, I love carbs, especially bread, and when I don't have time to make all these things separately, I just shove em between bread..Perfecto!!!

So here's the inside of my perfect sandwich:

So let me talk you through its beautiful inhabitants....

Firstly, we have a ciabatta loaf generously spread with some hummus. 
On top of that, I have some sliced Halloumi. This halloumi has been soaked in boiled water for a few minutes to get rid of the saltiness and give it a nice texture.
Then, it is accompanied with veg. I have chosen olives which have a garlic and herb taste. These are from a Polish stand in Asda named 'Delicja'. Their olive selction is amazing and so cheap!
I have added some sundried tomatoe for a taste dimension. I love what sundried tomatoes do to the flavour of something, it adds a bit of a tang. 
Red onions and cucumbers for a sweet and crisp edge..
Then my favourite bit...something which I have a full on addiction to which I have for almost every meal: Chilli spiced sicilian style garlic by the brand Cypressa. Garlic for breakfast? YES YES AND YES.... I mean. I'm not fussed about health benefits but im positive theres got to be something good in that!
Add a drizzling of extra virgin olive oil and a sprinkle of black pepper...and voila!!! 

Accompanied with my green tea, every bite of this sandwich is wondrous and definitely keeps you full, like a good breakfast should. Long live the best meal of the day!!!!

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I honetly felt to just leave this post blank with just the photo and no words. This is my mac and cheese (with a bit of tuna hiding in there somewhere)....

You know those foods you can think about and the thought is enough to make you feel comforted? Mac and cheese is on the top of that list. The ultimate comfort food. This is before it reached my plate...Once its on my plate it is smothered with black pepper and ketchup. A lot of people say that is absolutely disgusting..But how? Cheese and tomato is REAL LOVE.

The only rules I have when making a GOOD mac and cheese is...
1)Cheese. It is called mac and cheese for a reason..THE CHEESIER THE BETTER. Add 10 different cheeses for all I care, I want it oozing and creamy and dripping and wow.
2) The top must have that crunch that sexy crunch that sheilds the soft interior

Do not insult me with a dry mac and cheese.

The amount of times I have said cheese. Cheese. Cheese. I am cheese. My legs are so covered in cellulite because of you, but I'm okay with that because I look like those cheeses you get with the holes in them. 

Some final added cheesiness for cheese: I love you

Monday, 9 March 2015

Well Bonjour...Port Salut!

This post is for the cheese lovers! We truly are the greatest people. To me, anyone who understands the AMAZINGNESS that is cheese is a fantastical person who deserves my cheesey sentiments, which might I add come extremely rarely.

This is my latest cheese obsession which has taken over my life and breakfasts. I do have my sister to thank for this, even though she is pretty much a cow otherwise. But now she might as well be the holy cow that produced this beauty, because this cheese has truly put that cow of a sister back in my good books.

Introducing this baby to my favourite meal of the day means a lot. You all know how much breakfast means to me, and now I share it with this godess practically every day. You could say... I have wifed this cheese! 

Let me introduce you to my cherie amour, the French cheese named 'Port Salut. ' Might I add, I cannot say it without emphasising the 'ut' in salut. SALOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. 
What made me love this cheese was it is the kind that you can eat and and and eat and eat and eat and (more eats) for a lot longer than other cheeses before you get that cheese headache. So basically my point is you can eat it and be satisfied all in one. Its flavour is a mild one and its texture is creamy and bouncy, a bit more creamy than a brie, but it retains a squidge to it. It isn't the type of squidge we all love in a mighty backside, but more the type of squidge you get on a nice plump matress. Yes, this cheese is what dreams are made of. I first started my love affair by having thise cheese on basic toast. But then I realised, this ain't no basic cheese, it is definitely more deserving of greater bread. The way I have been lovin' it, is on a nice crisp toasted baguette or soya and linseed bread (drizzled with some extra virgin olive oil and black pepper), a bit of mayo and ketchup, the cheese sliced on top, and then MORE added ketchup. Might I add, my fav ketchup is the Marks and Spencer kind. Its sweeter and has more of a tang, working great with this mild flavour. Don't let my 'mild' desciption fool you, the cheese taste is mild but the overall cheese is MIGHTY. A lot of people peel the orange bit away because it doesn't sit right with them, but its edible and me likey orange, and I have no time to faf around. Plus, it doesn't really taste like much, and I am too busy being blown away by my wondrous concuction to notice. My breakfasts have now become this with a cup of my beloved cardamom tea on the side. A subtely spicy/sweet tea with cheese will forever be my fav thing. I love biting into the cheese on bread and sipping the tea over it. The way it melts in your mouth and all the tastes combine is just...Splendid. It really just makes me sit back and sigh. All morning I bite and sip, and I look adorable doing so. 

And so, I promise to love you forever and if I forget to embark in your savoury goodness during the morning, I promise to eat you at night and allow for you to give me nightmares. I will never say Au revoir to you, dear cheese.  *mumbles words I learnt in GCSE french to feel even more sexy than this cheese already makes me feel*

Thursday, 5 March 2015

An Ode To Kim Kardashian

 I realise the following is not in any shape or form an ode. However, as i type these words I feel like a poet in the night...Whenever I speak of this woman, my words feel like they are song.

Someone please explain the hate towards this woman?

No actually don't, ME NAH CARE.

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet, just like that delectable body of hers...


I don't care if she is plastic, she is a wonderful work of art and I applaud that who has created such a beauty. In fact I will find them and kiss them and cry and beg them to make me look like her :'(

'But she posed nekkid and has a bebeh. What kinda mother does that?' THE SEXY KIND. God if I could have a baby, still look sexy, I would do the same thing and more. I would force the entire world to stare at me and cry. People need to accept it is her body, stop crying, start salivating. And for those who are gonna start the whole 'but she got rich of a sex tape'.. please..this tweet..this tweet...

I don't need to say much. Just be reminded, innit.

Oh and let me just add this into the mix

Yeah, you're welcome.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Mental Illness SUCKS

So January 2015 has been...eventful, to say the least. I was faced with the horrible news that one of my closest friends passed away. Until now, I do not know how to take the news. If anything it has been a real reality shock. I know my friend was suffering with mental illness, and this just makes me even more angry. Mental illness is not taken near enough as serious as it should be. Why does a disease of every other organ induce sympathy, and yet when its the brain that is in question, ignorant people want to pass judgement? In this past month I have come to realise just how insensitive people can be. I ask for time off work to attend my friend's funeral, and I am told 'it is too short notice, who arranges a funeral with such short notice'. I can not even comment on the stupidity of this statement. I mean I can, but for the sake of this situation I am holding myself. People have contacted me with a lack of condolences, but purely shown interest in the cause of her death. Come on people. Some one has just died. Dead. I am still coming to terms with it, and yet the whole world around me seems to just want to be insensitive and gossip.

Tanusha was my best friend throughout my two years at college. Every moment spent with her was filled with dark twisted humour, food, more food, secret hideouts and food. If it wasn't for her I honestly would of hated college a lot more than I did. She made it bareable. I will always remember her for her 'don't give a fuck' attitude, and her way of always seeing the best in people. She was the type of friend we all fail to be. She'd give 110% and you could always count on her to be there and have your back. Those two years were filled with the most fun and rebellion I have ever had. I am so grateful to have had such an amazing person be in my life. We spent our time finding secret hideouts so we could eat lunch there and be away from all the people we hated. We'd meet up in the mornings before college for breakfast, bunk lessons we hated so we could eat more food, return for our final lesson then meet again to eat more food. I hate that such amazing people have to hurt, and I hate that the world isn't less cruel. Thank you for turning everything I say into a silly innuendo. Thank you for always being up for eating and bitching. Thank you for understanding my stupid jokes and always being the one to laugh the loudest. Thank you for singing and dancing with me to the shittest of songs. Thank you for showing me that not giving a fuck about what people think is the best way to live. Thank you for the memories and the thoughtful messages. Thank you for being my rock and saviour when I needed someone most.

The world has truly lost a tremendously skilled artist and incredible soul.

Love and miss you always.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014


So Eminem tickets went on sale on May 9th... and yes that was a whle ago, but the excitement still hasn't sunk in. So with this blog post, I'm hoping it does.

DO YA'LL WANNA HEAR HOW IT ALL HAPPENED? (Don't know why I'm asking, because I'm clearly not giving you a choice in the matter)

On Tuesday 6th May (Yes I remember the dates, because it was a painful and yet wonderful experience) I was casually scrolling through my Facebook feed, throwing a few insults here and there at stupid statuses....That was when I saw it.... Eminem is coming to London...Eminem is coming to Wembley.


At that moment, I naturally didn't know what to do, but to alert Zara, as our love for Eminem is probably the biggest thing we have in common (besides being just pretty darn cool). She was as speechless as me..The weird thing is, no one could understand why we were so sad. Let me explain it to you simply. Imagine wanting something your entire life, dreaming of the day it happens practically every day...Speaking about the prospect hypothetically because of how unlikely you think it is. And then suddenly without any warning it happens, and you have not prepared. Imagine realising that there is a possibility that you WON'T get tickets and the one thing you have dreamed of all your life was so close to coming true, and then it got taken away. I felt happiness but it was a kind of happiness that was combined with fear and anger and disgust. Its the emotion that Eminem depicts in the majority of his music :'(.

Needless to say, we both had sleepless nights and troubled dreams for the following days. OF course we devised a game plan on how to get these tickets. This is a game plan I shall not share with anyone, because if there is one thing I learnt from trying to get Beyonce tickets is that people are selfish and people will not help you or explain to you how theyyy have acquired so many tickets and you are not even getting through to the websites.

So May 9th dawned closer and I was both terrified and excited. I made sure to take the morning off work just so I could be there to buy these tickets (THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER). The day before it happened, people who are usually rude to me were actually saying they hope I got these tickets because they can tell how much I want it. I was both grateful and worried that they were secretly cursing me :'). But seriously, I think everyone could tell that if EVERYONE I HATE and people who barely love him managed to get tickets and I was left with nothing, that might as well be the end of everything for me. AGAIN, I AM NOT EXAGGERATING AND YOU CAN CALL ME A FAN GIRL BUT IT IS EMINEM. EMINEM. ARE YOU CAPABLE OF COMPREHENDING THAT BECAUSE I STILL CAN'T.

So the sleep I had before he morning of the 9th was possibly the worst sleep of my life. I woke up, tired stay calm, spoke on the phone to Zara as it all happened. 9am came and we began the quest. And somehow, at 9.01, I got tickets.

I got tickets.

Even when I write the words it still doesn't sink in. Zara and I both didn't know how to act. We still don't know how to act. We kept reminding each other and it still didn't sink in. So on my journey to work I thought I would listen to Eminem to get in the spirit of everything....Listeing to Eminem had always given me immense satisfaction, but on this day, listening to Eminem had a whole new level of amazingness. My ears felt blessed, as though baby angels were blowing me kisses and I didn't care that baby angles kissing me is creepy because it still somehow felt good. I was smiling at people. ME. And then I WAS HAPPY.  I said HEYYYYY to people I do not particually like, I probably gave people forgiveness they did not deserve, I hugged people I would not touch on a regular day, all because it was EMINEM DAY. Anyone who encountered me on that day was a lucky basatard because I promise you anything I did on that day was just because it was that day. Otherwise, life would be very different.

This is probably the most obsessive I will ever be about a person, and that is ok, because whoever receives my obsession is lucky.

Until July 11th however, I am still in a state of disbelief....

I am going to see Eminem... 6 words I never thought I would say. I HOPE NOTHING GETS IN THE WAY OF THE DAY AND I CAN FINALLY SAY THAT I SAW HIM <3

Monday, 5 May 2014

Do-Nut Get in The Way of My Doughnut

I like food, I like lots of food. Food is great. Sweet or savoury tooth? I am both. After a meal however, I often find myself fantasising about something sweet. It seems I cannot eat something savoury if it is not followed by something sweet. For example, if for breakfast I am having toast, I must have two toasts, one with a savoury option and one with a sweet. This goes into an endless cycle of the need to balance out something savoury with something sweet then something sweet with something savoury. 

The other day, I needed my something sweet.

My Gregg's Iced Ring Doughnut.

To the average onlooker, it's just any old doughnut with a bit of icing. Some may say its too sickly sweet, some may say the pastry itself isn't overwhelming. To these some, I say...

Nothing. I let them believe what they want because MAYBE then it will prevent this doughnut from ALWAYS BEING SOLD OUT :'(. I travelled out of my way to get this doughnut, and on try THREE it was still sold out. I cannot explain to you the pain I endured. I purposely walked home in the rain because I didn't want anyone to see my tears...

That was until, one day, when I desperately wanted to fulfil my sweet craving with the iced goodness, I decided to give it one last go. I walked into Greggs...and there they were in all their whitey brown glory. I asked the man who served me for 2 (one being 55p) and whilst I asked him I gave him an entire story about how this Greggs is now my favourite Greggs and he may not realise it but I am now at this precise moment the happiest and most excited girl he will ever encounter.... I myself was shocked in how nice I was being, and I think he was too, because then he offered me a special discounted price of 4 for £1. Yes, you read that right. 

If there is anything I have learnt from this, it is to never give up. There may be one place not giving you what you want, but try another. TRY ANOTHER AND YOU WILL GET YOUR DOUGHNUT.

To me, they are great because the icing is sweet yet not too sweet, and is not hard like that annoying birthday cake icing..its smooth...Like a criminal that stole my heart :'(... The doughnut itself isn't dry, but it isn't overly moist that the overall experience is too soft. It has some bite to it. AND ME LIKE TO BITE. And the best part is when you think it is all over, you have icing left on the inside of the paper bag. And you can lick it and people will judge you but you will not care because in that moment people are all shit (like every other moment, but tremendously so in this moment).

I have loved this doughnut since I was 8 years old...Possibly the longest I have ever loved something. So if that doesn't prove how great my love for this is...I don't care because I don't need to prove a thing to anyone,  ok ? :'(!!!